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    The enterprise  "Nikitrtut" Ltd. specializes on manufacture of mercury metal following brands : R-0, R-1, R-2. In the last century Nikitrtut mercury plant is a supplier of mercury to the USSR and some foreign countries. In 2001, the plant again resumed its work.

    We have all the permits for the activity. Therefore, our company is able to supply to your organization of these products. Besides mercury, we are recycling mercury waste, batteries, fluorescent lamps, etc. Looking for companies that manufacture appliances, caustic soda, engineering, lamps, batteries, thermometers and others who are interested in permanent transfers of mercury.

    The estimated total production of this product in the following brands are :

  • Mercury metal R-0 to 5 tons per month;
  • Mercury metal R-1 to about 20 tons per month;
    Quality Certificates for these products is attached. Approximate cost for mercury :
No. Name products
11 Mercury nitrate
22 Bromnaya mercury
33 Iodine
44 Red mercury oxide
55 Yellow mercury oxide
66 Sulphate
77 Sulphuric
88 Tiotsianat mercury
99 Perchloric
1010 Amidohlornaya
1111 Uksusnokislaya
1212 Fluoride

Ориентировочная цена на ртуть:    Approximate cost for mercury :

No. Mark mercury GOST Mass percentage of mercury Price $ per 1 kg
1. Р0 4658-73 99.9997 21-25
2. Р1 4658-73 99,999 16-18
3. Р2 4658-73 99.99 15,5-17
4. Р10 -5 TUOS 418-5 99.99999 65-75
5. Р10 -6 TUOS 418-6 99,999999 95-105

    The price of a product can also include the cost of goods, delivery of goods customer, the processing of permits, etc.Depending on the supply, delivery price of the region may change more or less side by agreement of the parties.



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